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Main functions

Displays arbitrary text on the channel


  • Go to automation, click "Download example" and select "From file", specifying the path to the script.
  • Uncheck "Enable script".
  • Configure the script.
  • Click "Save".
  • Activate the "Enable script" checkbox.

Before using the script, it is necessary to enable the display of figures and subtitles from the scripts on the channels.

More details on this link


Channels - channels that the script will work with.

If no channels are selected, the script will work with all active channels on the server.

Custom string - the string to display.

Debug - debugging mode, if this checkbox is active, a log file with the debugging information of the script will be saved to the screenshots folder.

x1,y1 - coordinates of the upper-left corner.

x2,y2 - coordinates of the lower right corner.

Values that take these coordinates are from 0 to 100.

Font color - the color of the text in hex format.

Background color - background color, in hex format.

Font size(px) - the size of the text is set in pixels.


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