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TRASSIR AVGSpeed – this is a script module for measuring and monitoring the average speed of a vehicle on a section of highway. At least two cameras and two state registration number recognition modules are required for the software to work (LPR) AutoTRASSIR-200 (not included in the kit), which, working in a tight bundle, record the moments when the car gets into the frame of video cameras.

By simple mathematical calculations – the distance between the cameras is divided by the time spent on overcoming this stretch of road by a particular car – the average speed of the vehicle is determined. Based on the data obtained, a list of infringing cars is formed that drove the controlled section of the road faster than the maximum allowed or slower than the minimum permissible speed..

The generated reports are supported by screenshots with the date and time of travel taken at the time of crossing the vehicle control points. The results obtained make it possible to issue fines and take other penalties.

Main functions

The script calculates the average speed of the car that passed between the specified cameras.

If the summary output template is not specified, it will be displayed on all available mini-browsers.

To view statistics from the Trassir Client, you need to put a script on it - Script Client


Configuring the script

  • Go to automation, click "Download example" and select "From file", specifying the path to the script.
  • Uncheck "Enable script" and click save.
  • Save the script and check the box "Enable script".

Setting up parameters:

  1. Select the cameras on which the distance will be measured
  2. Choosing the distance from camera 1 to camera 2
  3. The permissible speed, if exceeded, a violation will be created.

  1. Specify a template for the summary output.
  2. Screen.
  3. Auto-update in the browser.
  4. A custom function for output in the tracer interface.
  5. Install a check-box if you need to show repeated entries without leaving.
  6. Archive storage folder is a folder for storing the script's service files, i.e. statistics for the specified period, which the script uses to display in the web interface.
  7. Specify the storage time.
  8. Connection port.

Working with the script:
When running the script, the initial mode is "Viewing".
  1. Run and configure the script.
  2. To display the trace in the mini-browser, select the desired template, add it there .

Display in the browser:

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