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Depending on the camera model, the ways to reset to factory settings may vary.

Reset with the RESET button

Some models of TRASSIR cameras have a reset button.

TR-D2111IR3W TR-D2121IR3Wv2 TR-D2221WDIR4 TR-D2121IR3W 
TR-D2221WDIR4 TR-D2251WDIR4 TR-D2151IR3 TR-D2222WDZIR4 TR-D2122ZIR3 
TR-D2122ZIR3 TR-D2252WDZIR4 TR-D2152ZIR3 
TR-D3151IR2 TR-D3151IR2 TR-D3122ZIR2    
TR-D4121IR1v2 TR-D4121IR1v2 
TR-D4121IR1v3 TR-D4121IR1v4 TR-D4121IR1v4 2 TR-D4141IR1 TR-D4141IR1 
TR-D4161IR1 TR-D4181IR1
TR-D7101IR1 TR-D7111IR1W 
TR-D7121IR1v6 TR-D7121IR1v5 TR-D7121IR1Wv2 TR-D7121IR1v5 TR-D7121IR1v5 TR-D7121IR1W TR-D7121IR1v4

TR-D7121IR1v4 TR-D7121IR1v4 TR-D7121IR1v3 TR-D7121IR1v3 TR-D7121IR1v3 TR-D7141IR1 TR-D7141IR1

TR-D1250WD TR-D2221WDC  TR-D2221WDCL4 TR-D2121IR3Wv3 TR-D2121IR3Wv3 TR-W2B5 TR-D2121IR3v6 TR-D2121IR3v6 

TR-D2121IR3v6 TR-D2221WDIR4 TR-D4B5 TR-D2151IR3 TR-D2223WDIR7 TR-D2223WDZIR7 TR-D2224WDZIR7 TR-D2123IR6v6
TR-D2122ZIR3v6 TR-D2253WDIR7 TR-D2153IR6 TR-D3121IR2Wv3 TR-W2D5 TR-D3123IR2v6

TR-D3122ZIR2v6 TR-D4221WDIR2 TR-D4221WDIR2 TR-D4121IR1v6 TR-D4121IR1v6 TR-D4251WDIR2

TR-D4251WDIR2 TR-D4151IR1 TR-D5123IR3 TR-D5124 TR-D6224IR10 TR-D6254 TR-D6254IR15 TR-W2C1
TR-D7121IR1Wv3 TR-D7121IR1v6 TR-D7121IR1W TR-D7151IR1 TR-D7151IR1 TR-D8221WDC TR-D8221WDCL3
TR-D8121IR2Wv3 TR-W2S1 TR-D8121IR2v6 TR-D8121IR2v6 TR-D2S5 TR-D8251WDIR3 TR-D8251WDIR3
TR-D8151IR2 TR-D8122ZIR2v6 TR-D8152ZIR2 TR-D9151IR2

To reset the IP camera settings to factory settings using the button:

1. Power up the camera.
2. Press and hold the RESET button for 10 seconds.
3. Release the button, and the camera will reboot.
4. Try to connect to the IP camera

Default IP camera network settings:

  • IP address:
  • Subnet mask:
  • Gateway:
  • HTTP port: 80
  • username: admin
  • password: admin

Reset using the camera's web interface

Go to the web interface, open the browser and enter the IP address of the camera in the address bar.

In the authorization window that appears, enter the password for the admin user.

Reset to factory settings, located in the point of the camera's web interface: Settings - System - Maintenance - Restore

firmware 3.x.x

firmware 4.x.x

There are two reset options:

  • Reset with the IP address saved. For firmware versions 3.x.x the "Default" button, for firmware 4.x.x "Restore Default". In this case, all settings except the IP address will be reset to the original state and after restarting the camera will be available at the same IP address.
  • Full factory reset. For firmware versions 3.x.x "Restore" button, for firmware 4.x.x "Restore Factory Setting". In this case, all the preset settings will be reset to factory values.

Reset using the TrassirIpcManager utility

  • In the TrassirIpcManager utility, select the desired camera by checking the box next to it.
  • Enter the camera account name admin and its password.
  • Next, in the "Advanced" section, click the "default" button.

If the password from the Admin account is lost, a remote reset will be required with the help of technical support

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