1. Connect to the server via SSH, the SSH activation script is available by link
    The connection must take place using the program WinSCP:
    • Login: vms, if the software verion is >=4.4; trassir, if the software verion is below 4.4
    • The password is used from the Admin user on the TRASSIR server
    • Port: 22
    • Host: IP address of the TRASSIR server

After running the script, an error will appear:

It just tells you in which directory the folder with the configuration of the PostgreSQL database is located.
Depending on the version of the TRASSIR software, the configuration folder can be called TrassirDB or VmsDB.

  1. After connecting via SSH, you need to edit two files:
    First: /media/TrassirArchive/VmsDB/postgresql.conf, in line 59  #listen_addresses = 'localhost' you need to remove the symbol '#'

    Enter the value instead of localhost '*', thereby allowing everyone on the network to connect to the database:

    Second: /media/TrassirArchive/VmsDB/pg_hba.conf

    Necessary change the value of "Trust" to "md5":

    If access is provided from another network, then it is necessary to enter the IP address of the PC from which the connection to the database is being made in this table.
    Example: host all all md5 where is the address of the PC from which the database is connected.

  2. Setting the password to the PostgreSQL user via SSH:
    • Enter the command: sudo -u postgres psql postgres
    • After you have received the status and version, enter the command: sudo -u postgres psql
    • Then the command: \password
    • After that, we enter a new password (it is better to use only numbers) and confirm again
  3. For verification, you can connect using pgAdmin III:
    • Open the application, click the "File" button, then "Add server..."

      When filling in the "New Server registration" window, for convenience, you can open the database settings on the TRASSIR server and enter data from there, example:

      The password for the user was set in point #3 of this instruction.

Aleksandr Savkin

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