Download the required image for your NVR model

We upload the system image packed in a zip archive.

After unpacking, you may get a file with the .rbi extension. Before firmware, you need to change the extension of such a file to .iso

Remove the USB drive with the system from the recorder (located inside the case) or take a new one and replace the old one after flashing.

We recommend checking the old USB drive using diagnostic utilities, since the failure could have been caused by its malfunction. If a new drive is to be used, it is critical to select it by volume: it must be no smaller than the old one. The brand, model and type of the drive (USB-2.0, USB-3.0) do not matter, but it is recommended to use any proven, well-known brands. The USB drive with the new image can be installed in any USB connector, but do not forget to disconnect the old one.

The procedure for writing TRASSIR OS to USB-flash:

  1. Download and install the program BalenaEtcher.
  2. Run the program and select the image to record.
    To do this: Select image → specify the path to the image file (for example Trassir-4.1-10501-MiniNVR-64.iso ).

  3. Connect a USB drive to your PC and select it in the program balenaEtcher.

  4. To start recording, click "Flash!".

  5. The recording process has begun

  6. The recording process has been completed successfully.

Starting the server

Before starting the server, also prepare another USB flash drive, on which you write the license file.

  1. Insert the recorded USB flash drive with the image into the TRASSIR recorder.
  2. Start the NVR.
  3. At the first start, the partitions are changed, wait until it completes.

  4. Upon completion, the registrar will reboot itself and the TRASSIR OS setup wizard will start.

  5. Insert the previously prepared USB flash drive and specify the path to the license file
    To do this: Copy license file... → specify the path to the license file → Open
    If the USB flash drive is not displayed as a separate device in the license file selection window, go to the /media directory. It will contain a directory with the name of the flash drive, go to it and select the license file.
  6. Complete the initial setup of the recorder.

Aleksandr Savkin

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