1. Download tcpgen.exe on the windows PC - https://ncloud.dssl.ru/s/XFJM6nrr8zRFaKA
  2. Download POS dump on the PC - https://ncloud.dssl.ru/s/KaoJY5LTSt2feEr
    (Optional) Download the video clip with a cashier - https://ncloud.dssl.ru/s/oeK69GMPAWd2BLt
  3. Open up Trassir Server
    Go to Plugins → ActivePOS → Terminals
  4. Click "Add terminal"
    Enable the terminal
    Enter the name for it (or leave by default)
    IP Address should not be changed, leave the field empty - we are sending POS dump directly to the server itself
    Choose the Port, you can leave 2555 by default
    TCP/UDP - choose the protocol
    Enter correlated channel where you're planning to see the transactions online
    Choose the corresponding protocol. For the dump file https://ncloud.dssl.ru/s/HzEP9Rw4yTwKsYk the Protocol should be DSSL_XML_RETAIL

    Below you can see the positions, character settings for the Subtitles display. Default is good for 1 pos dump display on 1 channel, if you're planning to view more dumps on 1 channel,
    you have to add more terminals and change Subtitles settings so the transactions from dumps will not cross each other.

    You can also change the transactions (events) colors if default colors are uncomfortable. For that, find "Event Colors" setting in the same window below

  5. Run tcpgen.exe as administrator

  6. Choose TCP/IP in Protocol field
    Enter server's IP address. If you are using same PC for Trassir Server and tcpgen, enter localhost IP address - or enter LAN IP address of the Windows PC - either will work (also you can port-forward for WAN access)
    Enter the port which is installed in Terminal settings
    Choose the file from your PC by clicking the "Open" button
    You can enable "Stop send if end of file" function if you don't want to continuously send the dump to the server
    You can change the "Delay" parameter to slow down the transaction sending
    You can increase the "Length" parameter to send more transactions simultaneously. 256 by default is Ok for 1 transaction at the time
    Click "Connect" - if successfully - you'll see the "Connected!" message. Otherwise - double-check the settings from this instruction

    By clicking the "Disconnect" button you won't pause the dump sending - it will fully stop

  7. Return to Trassir Server or to Trassir Client which is connected to Trassir Server where the pos dumps are being sent
    Go to corresponding channel which is installed in Terminal settings
    Right-click on the video window → click "View Options" → go to common → enable Show figures → enable "Subtitles" (or, if you want to see figures from other Trassir modules - enable all figures except Dynamic Heat Map (it can be viewed alone-only))
    This will change the view options for all the channels  which are using common settings. So you can change the view options for any channels individually.
    Now you should see the transactions on the video stream

Vasily Selivantsev

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