• To check logs in real-time

Journalctl -f

This command shows system logs.

For showing only t1daemon logs, use next option

Journalctl -f --unit=t1daemon
  • To check logs from log file

Tail /var/log/messages

This command shows last 10 strings from file.

You can have more than one "messages" file with different last update time. Choose file for period which you need.

You can use next options for this command:

Tail -n 1000 /var/log/messages (will show last 1000 strings)

Tail -f /var/log/messages (will show new strings in file)

  • To copy logs from CentOS

You can copy all "messages" files from /var/log/

All t1daemon logs are placed in "messages" files

  • To save Information into a file

For each command you can save result into a file:

>/home/logs.txt (all information will be saved in new file logs.txt in folder /home/)

>>/home/logs.txt (all information will be added in file logs.txt (will be created on the first command, next commands will add information to this file)

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