Main features

Cyclic viewing of selected channels or patterns with the ability to stop the viewing cycle.


  • Cyclic viewing of all or part of the channels or templates.
  • Delay on channel or template during the cyclic preview by hotkeys.
  • Cyclic preview of up to 4 monitors simultneously.


Add script in Automation → Create new script... → Load example... → From file...

After the loading, press "Save. Run". Disable script by unchecking the checkbox and configure it. Enable the script after the configuration is complete.

Script setting

  1. Choose hot keys to switch between the content.
  2. Choose a hot key to enable/disable Carousel automatic mode.
  3. Set the timeout to switch the next channel or template, in seconds.
  4. Select channels or templates to display. In case channels and templates are not selected, the section won't be added to the cycling preview.
  5. Select the monitor number.

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