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Trassir TelegramBot allows you to:

  • Monitor the state of servers
  • Save snapshots from video surveillance cameras
  • Manage devices and servers
  • Close and open alarm outputs
  • Open Access Control doors (Sigur, Orion)
  • Back up settings and license file


 Add script in Automation → Create new script... → Load example... → From file...

After the loading, press "Save and Run", uncheck "Enable script" flag and configure the script.

The script requires access to the bot server part for proper operation. Use this link to check the access.


 Basic settings

After uploading the script, you need to specify Telegram Ids of all users you'd like to provide access to the server with the help of the bot.

In order to find out your id, send the command /tbot to @trassirbot and you will receive a message, containing your id:

You can specify several comma separated ids.

All users are divided into two groups, depending in which field there id is:

  1. Administrators that have full server access
  2. Operators that do not have access to the following features:
    • Rebooting the server
    • Updating the tbot script
    • Downloading settings backup
    • Rebooting/disconnecting devices
    • Disabling/rebooting/downloading scripts

Access control management

 HTTP Proxy

In most cases a Proxy server is not required for script operation.

This setting is used for closed networks, where Internet is performed via Proxy server.

Specify a full link to the proxy server, e.g. http://user:password@

 Other settings

In case of difficulties or troubles in script operation, activate the Debug mode.

After that a script operation log will be saved to tbot.log file in the Screenshots folder.

Send tbot.log file, server dumps and detailed description of a problem

Read more about dumps and server logs.

Other scripts interacting with @trassirbot:


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