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Usually, the training is necessary for those clients who have just started working with the TRASSIR software.
In this case, they need knowledge and practical skills.

Experienced clients can also apply to improve their knowledge or obtain certificates from TRASSIR specialists.

If there is a need to have the training, please contact your manager.

Training requests are operated by our managers.

Their task is to answer the client's requests and find out the real goal: what exactly is needed from the training and whether training is needed at all.

After choosing the type of training, tell your manager:

  • your full name
  • phone number
  • your company name
  • email address

He creates ticket for training in our web-portal.

Training options 


This training option is needed for those who are getting acquainted with VMS TRASSIR for the first time.

In this program we will consider:

  • Description and purpose of TRASSIR software, server, client version, mobile applications, web interface
  • Installing and running the TRASSIR server/client software
  • Basic server setup and adding ip devices
  • Getting acquainted with the configuration and the use of some modules (fire/smoke detector, demonstration of ActiveSearch, AutoTRASSIR, Face Recognition, Neuro Detector)
  • Setting up basic rules and getting to know a ready-made script in the Automation section (for example, Alarm Monitor)

After completing this program, you will be able to configure and use VMS TRASSIR yourself.

Read more in our User Manual & Knowlege Base

Watch more about How to setup Analytical modules on Youtube Channel

Duration of training:

The training is made within1 working days.

We coordinate the beginning of classes based on your wishes and the schedule of the technical coach's workload.

The average meeting time is 2-3 hours, depending on questions and external factors.


This training option can be interesting for inexperienced or future TRASSIR users, but experienced users will also learn something new for themselves.

The training program consists of theoretical, practical and examination parts. After each theoretical lesson, students are given practical tasks. These tasks can help users to sum up the acquired knowledge and allow you to get real experience working with almost all the functionality of the TRASSIR software.

The training is divided into 5 days:

  • Day 1 - is dedicated to getting acquainted with the TRASSIR software - What it is, what parts it consists of, what system requirements it has, how to install, launch and get started correctly. The learners are shown the operator interface, its basic controls are analyzed. We teach you how to update the license, make a backup of the configuration, and also connect the device using different protocols. The learners will learn how to create and edit access rights for a user and different user groups. Familiarity with basic analytics (Active Search+ FireSmoke Detector, Sabotage detector).
  • Day 2 - Learning how to set up analytical modules (Neuro Detector, Queue Detector, Staff Tracker, HardHat Detector, Wear Detector, Direction Detector, Crowd Detector , Shelf Detector, Bag Counter, Pose Detector, Workplace Detector, Neuro Left Object Detector).
  • Day 3 - Setting up Facе Recognition module and License Plates Recognition. Configuring scripts to receive notifications and reports based on analytics modules
  • Day 4 - The client configures all modules under the guidance of a technical trainer, after which they write a test.
  • Day 5 - is the final day - Answers to all questions of interest, analysis and explanation of errors in the test

According to the test results, a certificate is issued for a period of 2 years.

Learning conditions

In online format

The training is made in an online format

Requirements for participation in online training:

  1. Availability of a personal computer or laptop with Windows OS not lower than version 8.
  2. Availability of a stable wired Internet connection.
  3. The presence of a microphone / webcam (if possible).
  4. Availability of installed software for remote access – AnyDesk or TeamViewer.
  5. The presence of a valid Steam account or Google account.

Note: The video adapter of the system must support the following functions Direct Draw v.7 and above or OpenGL not lower than v.1.4; Pixel Shaders from v. 1.0. Otherwise, there may be problems with displaying data in the TRASSIR software.

The training is made using the MS Teams video conference service. To perform the practical part, the trainee is provided with temporary remote access to our TRASSIR servers.  It is also possible to provide a Demo Kit (VR + camera for the test)

And you also need to read our checklist before you start training

Duration of training:

The training is made within 5 working days - from Monday to Friday.

We coordinate the beginning of classes based on your wishes and the schedule of the technical coach's workload.

The average meeting time is 2-3 hours, depending on questions and external factors.

If necessary, you can request an additional meeting to get the answers to all your questions.


The testing option is suitable for clients who have completed full training and who are interested in obtaining a certificate of a specialist in working with TRASSIR software.

These are often experienced users of TRASSIR software.

Preliminary preparation:

Before passing the test, the client is provided with material for self-preparation:

Links to information resources:

Testing format and conditions:

Testing takes place in an online format and does not require presence in our offices. The client can be tested anywhere and anytime. The main thing is that he has Internet access and a Google account. 

There are 2 test options. The option sent to the client is determined using a random number generator, after which a link to the test is generated and sent.

Each option has 30 questions, they are related to the functionality and capabilities of the TRASSIR software. There is only 1 correct answer in each question. 

2 attempts are given to pass the test, and 65 minutes are allocated for each attempt. No more than 5 errors are allowed.

If the client failed to pass the test on the 1st attempt, he goes to retake and independently prepares for it. You can retake the test in a week.

Summing up the results:

According to the results of testing, the client is issued a certificate confirming his status as a specialist in working with TRASSIR software. The certificate is valid for 2 years.

The person responsible for the training sends the electronic version of the certificate to the client.

The printed version is sent to the responsible manager of the client, after which they agree on the available options for transferring/receiving the certificate.

After the expiration of the certificate, the client can re-apply for its renewal and passes additional training sessions.

You will need to make additional testing to identify topics in which there is insufficient knowledge.
After that, we study these topics with a technical trainer, taking into account the changes made to the VMS over these two years.
For example, setting up new analytics modules

Alexander Savkin

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