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Alarm monitor

The script is designed to perform various reactions in response to the occurrence of alarming events.


Auto Universal

The script is designed to respond to number recognition events, and also adds a bypass of number recognition errors for embedded lists and lists in text files.


Carousel Universal

Cyclic viewing of selected channels or all with the ability to stop the viewing cycle and display the image on the alarm monitor according to events.



Professional software for automatic connection of an IP video camera from another TRASSIR server in case of emergency situations (in case of server failure - auto-transfer of IP video cameras to another server via the network, used when the number of servers in the system is from 2 pcs.). To work, TRASSIR AnyIP licenses are required for the number of cameras on the backup servers.


Delayed Event

The script is designed to notify users about long-term events, for example, continuous movement for several seconds.



Telegram bot for TRASSIR software. The program allows you to remotely control all connected devices: disconnect, reboot, monitor the status of servers, manage dry contacts, close and open alarm outputs, save footage from CCTV cameras.


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